Referring to the channelopathy service

Who can be referred?

We are able to see any patients with signs or symptoms suggestive of a muscle channelopathy in the channelopathy clinic. We can also see patients with problems suggestive of peripheral nerve hyperexcitability or brain channelopathies.

We also run a genetic diagnostic service which is able to run genetic testing on the skeletal muscle channelopathy panel for patients with signs and symptoms of a muscle channelopathy.

We offer an advice service for clinicians who think their patients may have a channelopathy or have already been diagnosed and they would like further advice or input.

How to refer to the clinic?

Patients can be referred for review in the channelopathy clinic by e-referral from their GP or by letter from their hospital specialist. Clinicians are also encouraged to complete the channelopathy referral form to enable us to triage the referrals appropriately.

GP referrals should be made via the NHS e-referral system.

Request type = ‘Referral’, Speciality = ‘Neurology’, Clinic Type = ‘Neuromuscular’ when refining your search enter ‘National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery’, select ‘Triage service – Neuromuscular – NHNN-RRV’ and specify the 'channelopathy clinic' in your free text.

Click here for Referral Form

Referring for Genetic testing

We accept referrals for genetic testing of the skeletal muscle channelopathy panel (R76.1) from Neurologists or Clinical Geneticists (as per the National Genomic Test Directory eligibility criteria:

All genetics requests require a completed referral form before the sample can be tested and must meet the following criteria:

  • Adults:
    • Signs or symptoms of a muscle channelopathy or
    • Family history of a muscle channelopathy

  • Children (under 16 years)
    • Signs or symptoms of a muscle channelopathy and
    • Parental consent for testing

(Please note we do not do predictive genetic testing in asymptomatic children except in cases with a family history of Andersen Tawil Syndrome)    

Requesting Clinical Advice

We offer a clinical advice service for clinicians who want guidance regarding diagnosis or management of patients with possible channelopathies.

If you would like further advice you can contact us at  and request clinical advice and one of the team will get back to you to discuss your case.

General enquiries

For any general enquiries please email either:

Our HSS Senior Medical Secretary can answer any queries regarding appointments on 020 3448 8155