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Watch the 2022 muscle channel patient day online

We have uploaded the videos of all the talks from our recent channelopathy patient day online. If you were unable to attend or would like to watch them here please clinic on the relevant videos.

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MEND Study recruiting

We have just started recruiting to our MEND study looking at the effect of lamotrigine versus mexiletine in patients with myotonia. Contact us if you are interested in participating in the study.

Large Myotonia congenita study published

A new comprehensive study of the genetics of myotonia congenita has just been published in the journal Brain. Our team looked at over 223 families with Myotonia congenita, genotyping and analysing the function of the variants. This is the result of over 20 years of research by the muscle channelopathies team.

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Dr Vivekanandam wins Shark Tank competition

Our channel research fellow, Dr Vino Vivekanandam, won the shark tank competition at the International Muscle Study Group meeting 2020 to help support her upcoming trial looking at lamotrigine versus mexiletine in non-dystrophic myotonia.

Virtual Channel Patient Day

Our 1st virtual channel patient day is going to be on the 21st September 2020. This is going to be via zoom. Please contact us if you want further information or would like to join us for the meeting.