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MExiletine versus lamotrigine in Non-Dystrophic myotonias


A clinical trial in patients with Non-dystrophic myotonia(NDM). Comparing Mexiletine (a current treatment) to Lamotrigine (a new treatment).


Patients with a genetic diagnosis of non-dystrophic myotonia including myotonia congenita, paramyotonia congenita and sodium channel myotonia.


Myotonia is the term given to difficulty relaxing muscles and often feels like ‘locking’, ‘sticking’, cramping or stiffness. Myotonia is caused by over-active or excitable muscle that continues to contract. This can be painful, lead to falls and significantly affects patient’s quality of life.

Mexiletine is the current first line treatment for myotonia. However, up to a third of patients have side effects, it doesn’t work in some people, it cannot be used in pregnancy, can be difficult to access and is expensive. Lamotrigine has been recently shown to reduce myotonia in patients with NDM. Lamotrigine is well tolerated, can be used in pregnancy, is cheap and is easy to access.


The trial will be conducted at National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London, but most visits can be done virtually (phone or video call).

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