Living with channelopathies

Living with a muscle channelopathy or caring for someone with a channelopathy can be very challenging. We have put some tips in the sections below to help you manage day to day.

Exercise advice

Exercise and activity are important for everyone but exercise can trigger attacks so should be done with care.

Dietary advice

Diet can play an important part in triggering and preventing attacks in many of the channelopathies. We give further advice about dietary changes that may help.

Driving advice

Channelopathies should not stop you from driving unless you are having an attack or you have developed weakness.

Pregnancy advice

Patients with channelopathies should be able to conceive and deliver naturally. We give further advice on what to expect during pregnancy.

Anaesthetic advice

There are some anaesthetics that patients with channelopathies should avoid and some important considerations when you are having surgery.